Signature Roll
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Signature Swiss Roll Cake

since 2007

(price increase in April 2023) 

Seasonal Mix Fruit Roll Cake

  • Signature item and must try! from Patisserie Rui 
  • Consist of 4 types of fruits Strawberry, Mango/Pear, Kiwi & Peach

(fruits may be changed or substituted at any given time depending on 'market best offerings')

*this cake recipe does not consist nuts however we are not a nut free bakery and therefore advise self discretion and precaution before consumption. 

(please kindly refer to 'Ingredients' page for more info on ingredients used)
(please kindly refer to 'Storage' page for best storage methods)
(icon/clipart/pictures are for illustration purposes only)

What's in the box
  • Classic RUI BOX packaging
  • Carrier/plastic bag/paperbag
  • Candle/knife/birthday tag upon request smiley let's save the planet, if you dont need it or have a spare at home, please reuse knife
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